Blockchain technology is arguably the most exciting technological breakthrough since the Internet. Smart contracts are opening a new era of gaming by giving gamers a chance to play and win cryptocurrency by participating in games and the gaming community. This will make gamers even more engaged and bring more fun to the gaming experience.



    Players will “mine” according to a “Game Index Score X Player Index Score” formula, which will be calculated based on their LTV (Life Time Value) on the platform. Developers will benefit from several special features as their Index Score increases as well. This will incentivize both users and developers to contribute even more for the platform’s ecosystem growth.


    Players will be rewarded for “mining” according to Proof-of-Play protocol in our platform. Every player, after creating a profile, gains access to all the games for free, and for every hour of playing the game, will be rewarded with SIN tokens, which is stored in player’s wallet.


    Game developers can set up rewards for gamers, such as giving out SIN for winning a tournament, reaching achievements, in-game events, watching promotional videos, sharing links to social networks, leaving reviews, etc. Through this cryptocurrency reward system, gamers will be more incentivized to participate in the community proactively.


    With our SDK, along with support from the team, developers can easily attach SIN GAMES Platform to an existing project. SDK will be developed and documented using our experience from the previous test cases and developer feedback.


    Running a crowdfunding campaign can be difficult for both developers and fans. Developers want to be well funded and provide awesome games, and fans want to make sure that their pledges are not squandered. Decentralized Crowdfunding gives more assurance to both members by running the campaign on the blockchain.


    We’ll partner with several advertising content distribution channels, implementing a decentralized DSP system in our platform, allowing marketers to run their campaigns directly in our platform, using SIN tokens as incentive rewards, allowing for more accurate user acquisition and higher transparency.


Our platform has already partnered with more than 15 mobile games developers (and more coming) which will implement our SDK, so their users can start mining as soon as we launch. Since our platform is still in development and to not interfere with the games’ present value and situation, more information regarding the initial games will be disclosed as we approach the launch of the platform.




SIN GAMES’ most valuable asset is its highly qualified team of over 50 specialists with vast experience in a wide range of disciplines. The team has been developing and publishing several games for the past 5 years and in the process, we have established proven concepts of communication and effective teamwork.

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